Jean-Louis Giordano

Jean-Louis Giordano

Value-Oriented Programmer

Hey there!

Happy to see you! How can I help?

I have a broad area of knowledge and interests, with startup experience and expertise in distributed systems, micro-services, cloud platforms and technical leadership.

With over a decade of professional experience at all levels (operational, tactical and strategic), I can help out with:

  • building Proof-of-Concepts from scratch for your business idea

  • figuring out solutions to tricky automation problems

  • helping you transition to a micro-service infrastructure on Amazon Web Services

  • offering an extra hand to help you reach your delivery goals

  • dealing with some legacy Ruby-on-Rails codebase

  • providing business and strategic analysis with a technical perspective

  • acting as interim / freelance CTO or Principal Engineer

But enough about me, tell me about you? What does success look like to you? Let’s talk!

Jean-Louis Giordano

Jean-Louis Giordano

Value-Oriented Programmer

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